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The Doll - the World Within /

הצילומים באדיבות

01/10/2020 to - 10/10/2020

The exhibition - "The Doll - the World Within" - artistic dolls, painting, graphics, photography

Arena Herzliya Pituach, October 2-9, 2020
(2 Hashunit St., Herzliya Pituach)
Chief Curator: Elena Kunin
Curator of the exhibition: Ira Krochmal
For the first time in Israel, the exhibition " The Doll - the World Within " will feature works by leading artists from Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Austria, Italy, Latvia, and also by Israeli artists. From the beginning of DNA, artistic puppets were recognized around the world as a new art stream In Israel, this industry is less well known, and the purpose of the exhibition " The Doll - the world within " is to fill in the gaps and expose the Israeli audience to this genre.
In the exhibition, the Israeli audience will meet the artistic dolls in all their colors - from a toy to an art object, from dolls with spherical joints ( BJD ) and puppets to intricate doll sculptures, from classic delicate beauties to touching fantasy figures, from Charlie Chaplin and Frida Kafloin to Fridio Kahlo And Carlson's flying grandmother, from porcelain and "fimo" dolls to fabric and wood.
The puppets will be displayed in the context of contemporary art - painting, graphics, photography, applied decorative artwork, the combination that creates an unusual creative and polyphonic space, saturated with surprising parallels and subtle allusions, a space full of deep meaning and intriguing discourse. The exhibition will create an interesting experiment, which will combine different fields of art, for viewers and artists alike. In the exhibition, visitors will be able to get to know the different interpretations of puppets, from childish and touching - to deep philosophical meanings, and not only that, but also to find unexpected parallel lines in the plots and content, styles and artistic solutions of artists working in different fields.
Artistic dolls are a small and rare current in contemporary art, where old-fashioned skills, true beauty, stylistic colorfulness along with emotional depth and sincerity are still preserved.
The exhibition "The Doll - the World Within" - is an island of pure happiness, in which everyone, from a child visiting the exhibition for the first time - to a sophisticated art expert, will enjoy real pleasure.
Creating an artistic doll is a very complex process, which requires the artist far beyond creativity in inventing and fulfilling an original character, but also skills in many areas, including sculpting, painting, modeling and sewing clothes and creating wigs. Contemporary artists in the field of puppet creation not only apply traditional techniques and skills of painting and sculpture, but also reveal diverse and complex subjects in depth.
In the exhibition "The Doll - the World Within", the Israeli audience will get to know the work of well-known artists who have previously participated in world-famous exhibitions, members of the Russian and Ukrainian Artists' Association, members of the National Institute of Puppet Artists ( NIADA ) (USA), members of The Israeli "Illustrators' Association", winners of professional awards in Europe and America.
The main curator of the exhibition is Elena Kunina, Art Critic, M.Sc.
Visiting hours at the exhibition:
Sundays-Thursdays 10: 00-20: 30
Friday 10: 00-20: 30 p.m.
Saturday 10: 00-20: 30 p.m.
Lock: 9.10. (including)
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« The Doll - the World within» Exhibition
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location -
רח' השונית 2 ,הרצליה פיתוח

Time - 01/10/2020 to - 10/10/2020

Exhibition opening - 01/10/2020

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