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IN PROCESS / Gallery Givatayim

Black Square - הילה ליזר בג'ה

הצילומים באדיבות Gallery Givatayim

10/09/2020 to - 10/10/2020

Curator: Carmit Weizmann

Performing artists: (in order A-B)
Uri De-Bar, Amnon Tischler, Gilad Kahana, Dorit Yaakobi, Hila Lizer Baja, Yehuda Roth, Lior Kalfon, Limor Tzurur, Moti Dariel, Michel Afragan, Noya Shiloni-Haviv, Tzur Blass, Kobi Siboni, Revital Arbel, Ruslow Shmarya and Morris Cohen, Rafi Kerso, Sharon Helali Asa and Shimon Finkelstein.

The exhibition deals with the subject of processes and changes in the material, in the spirit and the connection between them. It is known that there is a deep connection between man and the world. The external world is a kind of mirror for introspection and vice versa. There is a connection between the basic materials in creation and the spirit and soul of man. These and those are in constant processes of change, movement and development. The exhibition features artists some of whom are engaged in addition to visual arts in various fields such as medicine, chemistry, music, acting, dance, law,
Tattoos and more. They bring their own unique interpretation to the subject of each in a different medium, video art, sculpture, photography, installation, drawing, making the exhibition diverse, fertile and intriguing. Translated using Google translate.

location - Gallery Givatayim
רח' השומר 7, גבעתיים

Time - 10/09/2020 to - 10/10/2020

Exhibition opening - 10/09/2020, שעה - 20:00
מופע בפתיחה: תמר עגנון, אמנית רב-תחומית והזמר עמית שקל.

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