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out / P8 GAL​LERY

טלפון - 050-5543485

הצילומים באדיבות P8 GAL​LERY

27/08/2020 to - 26/09/2020

The works in the exhibition Exit borrow the idea of "holding" into the field of art, using various techniques and text. Grasping is a state in which an external soul clings to the body of another and it takes place in an environment where the boundaries between man and the world are flexible and permeable.
The artists in the exhibition are not engaged in disguise, disguise or impersonation. They are in a symbiotic state where the artist takes over another entity or she takes over. Performing arts performances allow artists to "speak in tongues", channel ideas through other receptacles or serve as receptacles themselves.
To hold various expressions, the familiar ones being "the conception" and "the obsession." In a state of "conception" archetypes or angels enter a person's body in order to elevate him spiritually and guide him. The entity in this case can leave a part of itself in the host body after it leaves. In a state of "possessed" a persecuted soul that has not passed into the next world is allowed to take a place in the body of a living person who has sinned. It is manifested in phenomena of the body and mind such as insults, convulsions and deformities, and it is necessary to remove the parasite in a ceremony with religious symbols.
Since one entity enters another entity, opposing desires exist at the same time - the desire to surrender to connection and unity, to shed oneself and assimilate into others and on the other hand the desire or urge to separate and expel impurity.
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location - P8 GAL​LERY

Time - 27/08/2020 to - 26/09/2020

Exhibition opening - 27/08/2020, שעה - 18:00

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