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From Venice to Jerusalem / Israeli Knesset

הצילומים באדיבות Israeli Knesset

01/08/2020 to - 15/09/2020

Exhibition "The Magic in the Lens" - From Venice to Jerusalem
Solo exhibition by artist Yitzhak Davidovich in the Knesset of Israel

The exhibition "The Magic in the Lens - Venice to Jerusalem" , presents spectacular photographs - of colorful figures from the Venice Mask Festival, a new interpretation of the concept of "the mask" in this era of "Corona Time" with a gentle hand and faith of the artist Yitzhak Davidovich.

Walking inside the hall of the Culture, Education and Sports Committee of the Knesset of Israel reveals a spectacular spectacle !: An entire hall is "dressed" in Venetian experiences in the hand of Davidovich.
Isaac, a prolific businessman who, as part of his work and many travels around the world, contracted the art bacterium, and was exposed to it quite a bit, but always returns to the old love: Venice, which he visits every year during the mask festival held there every March.
Now, in the era of "Corona Time", the festival has been canceled and Yitzhak brings it in its entirety to the Knesset of Israel in this fascinating exhibition that reveals Tefah and hides Tefahim.
In the world of escapism we return this time to the romantic and colorful Venice, and are exposed to a new interpretation of the concept of the "mask": discovery and concealment, cover and exposure, concentration and beauty versus the ugliness of hypocrisy.
We look at the investment in the decor in the attire, in the lush fabrics, in the design, in the adherence to fashion, to the line that the presenter wanted us to see but there are also the eyes that look and this is the human genome: happy, melancholy, anxious or maybe hopeful?
An instructive symbiotic for the viewer, of different shades, textures, and languages combined in this exhibition
It has, in Venice, a maddening combination of gold, blue, pink and crazy kitsch.
Yitzhak Davidovich takes good care of the various, invested carnival characters, but at the same time he also presents us with the less perfect, the less complex, and the more human figures. .
We win in this exhibition a unique piece from one dazzling and never-ending carnival.
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location - Israeli Knesset

Time - 01/08/2020 to - 15/09/2020

Exhibition opening - 01/08/2020

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