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Hundreds of Times / CACR-Contemporary Art Center, Ramla

קרדיט צלם - רון פלד

03/07/2020 to - 15/10/2020

Hundreds of times

Goddess Abu Kishk | Nardine Saroji | Naama Earth | Diana Cogan
Curator: Dr. Smadar Shafi
A new exhibition at the CACR Ramla Contemporary Art Center
Opening Event: Friday 3.7.2020
Free entrance
In early July, the exhibition will open "The Hundreds of Times" at the new Contemporary Art Center in Ramla - in which four intriguing artists will present works that raise questions and wonder in the context of femininity. The artists will exhibit painting, neon, installations and more, some of which are huge, illustrating the multifaceted existing in the city of Ramla multiculturalism consisting of a variety of religions and communities.
"The new exhibition is a complex, at times humorous - ironic but not necessarily optimistic, thought about femininity in its social and private contexts," says Dr. Smadar, who curates the center and exhibition, Causes of Discomfort '
179 of this artist Abu Kishk who wrote words in Arabic and Hebrew from transcripts of conversations with victims of sexual offenses. She writes them big on the wall leaving the viewers' imagination and viewers the images, the horror. While the words become images abstract.
Diana by artist Diana Cogan exhibits works in large dimensions as enveloping the beholder / s.
"Someone, I Say, Remember Us" is the huge caption headline featured by Kogan in Diana's Creation with the Hunting Dogs. The figure of the goddess Diana is composed: the hunting goddess and wildlife patron, the maternity goddess from the maternity garden and the virgin. Kogan's choice to engage those in her name is what makes the sketch a kind of self-portrait.

In Nerdin Sarogi's neon-humus Paul's work, the artist leads the viewer to observe the presence of an Arab reporter in the Israeli, and perhaps the western, space. An Arabic reporter usually associates with political inscription, perhaps religiously and here commemorates the everyday that has become a symbol.
Naama Arad's works create intense, reluctant and empathetic viewers at the same time. In Legally Blond work, a tight- lined body, made of stretchy tights, seems defiant, but fixed to the floor with metal locks. The artifact, the allusion / reference to slavery grabs viewers.

The exhibition " Hundreds of Times " reveals constructions of femininity, ranging from mythology (in "Diana" North also the princess Diana, the iconic Queen of Hearts) to dolls - from showcase dolls to resplendent sex dolls in Legally Blond .

The new Ramla CACR Center for Contemporary Art, opened a few months ago by the Ramla Municipality and the Ramla Foundation, located in the Ramla Museum complex under the direction of Ron Peled, offers first-rate art aimed at expanding the space that occupies our lives. With the challenges of the present and imagining the future.
As part of each exhibition, meetings are held with the audience and discussions with creators and creators, thinkers and thinkers from as broad a spectrum as possible. In the center rooms located in the Mandatory building from 1922, three to four changing exhibitions will be held each year. The center will conduct activities in additional spaces throughout Ramla, including historical ones such as the Rainbow Blessing.

Ramla Mayor Michael Weidel noted: "The Center for Contemporary Art in Ramla is an important and central cultural element that reflects the shared life of a multicultural city. The exhibition" Hundreds of Times ", the fourth in the series, is proof that Ramla is on the map of contemporary art in Israel, Leader - Ramla City World. I invite the public to the Ramla City Contemporary Art Center. "
Center for Contemporary Art CACR

Herzl Blvd 112 Ramla
For more information: 050-743-1106 and on the website
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am to 3:30 pm Friday and Saturday closed
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location - CACR-Contemporary Art Center, Ramla
שד' הרצל 112 רמלה שעות פתיחה: ראשון עד חמישי 11:00-15:30 שישי ושבת סגור 050-743-1106

Time - 03/07/2020 to - 15/10/2020

Exhibition opening - 03/07/2020, שעה - 12:00

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