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Unreliable Narrator / Artspace Tel Aviv

טלפון - 03-6725124
18/06/2020 to - 11/07/2020

Nurit Gur Lavi | My Mother Spain | Guy and | Capricorn Capricorn | Hamutal Website | Martha Rigger | Dawn Cornblit | Dawn Lattice

The exhibition "Untrustworthy Numbers" seeks to offer ways of reading and interpreting the concept of storytelling, drawing on the different types of narratives distinguished in literary research - omniscient number, hero number, witness number and unreliable number.

In the show, the narrator / mother is the main character leading the story, the central character who can navigate between "truth" and fiction and within a range of emotions. The artists present in the exhibition explore different concepts such as "cultural exchange", political correctness "and emotions such as" empathy "and" apathy ".

The series of works leaving Gaza began to take shape in 2001. Nurit Gur Lavie paints aerial photographs of Gaza on rusty bins and focuses in particular on the Gablia refugee camp. Her gaze is intrigued by repeated circles in photographs. She realizes that the circles are stones that hold the roofs of shaky houses. The paintings raise questions about the visible reality and the authenticity of the painting.

Capricorn presents a self-portrait. He uses advertising posters as a platform for work, hiding elements, indulging in physicality, the sense of surprise, and drifting into childish curiosity. Inside the painting, Sadr combines a text from the Nevo cluster written on it:

When she was first born

It was indeed his second childhood.

When the second was born

Try to be his third childhood.

When the third was born

This was not his fourth childhood.

No matter how hard he tried.

He was already forty

And he couldn't help but notice

In all the slides and swings

The playground has rust

(Nevo Cluster)

The working horizon of Dawn Lattice is a plumbing video, consisting of a makeshift living-room or box structure with a screen projecting a stop motion? Short. The work is laboriously traced after short vowels through the act of drawing. Residential buildings are a form of architectural replication that has many variations, lifestyles and space arrangements. They have an unintentional partnership dimension and invented stories about what's going on in the apartments, upstairs and downstairs, which is the kind of day-to-day mix of fiction. The tower that Lattice builds invites you to 'glimpse' and turns us, the viewers, into second and third storytellers ...

It's hard to talk about telling a story without thinking about how it changes, about building and preserving traditions. The Cinderella story is one of the most popular stories in the world and has countless versions. Cinderella * is an interactive installation by Emmy Spain, where the artist focuses on four versions of this story. The French version, which is the most well-known (Disney version) and the other three versions brought to work, represent local cultures that, in one way or another, have received undue treatment or disrespect - Russian, Moroccan and Palestinian. Each story is told in the original language, Hebrew, Arabic and English. The stories are presented from Cinderella's point of view, the artist's point of view.

The Martha Riger golden cages project began in the town of Jingdezhen in China, known as a traditional centuries-old center of pottery and ceramic technology. Rieger collects scraps of defective ceramics that are considered garbage, and treats the fragments as reddish immediately. She puts them into metal cages, and the egg holds these fragments like protective of folklore and clings to the material.

Guy On, who is researching new print materials techniques, is testing the evolutionary incarnation of the photography medium and creating a new trajectory for the photographed image. The kimono is made up of photographs of various body poses with prominent and tactile textures, which give aesthetic and fetishistic values and load the organs with new potential. The artist's agenda expressed in the work itself and the viewer's gaze and subjective interpretation make the viewer the narrator himself.

In the work Ten Pieces of Heaven and Cloud, Dawn Cornblit presents ten worn, tinted and shabby paper covers, which were part of a series of copies of the research work "Elements of Natural Science" written by French zoologist Andre Marie Constant Dumlier (1774-1860).

The same shells of volumes no longer contain anything in the content, the words and information are gone and only the outer membrane remains, almost nothing. The emptied leaves became a kind of slippery pieces of sky, on the verge of falling, and small rust grabs gripped their edges. The innocence? (Vol. In French) simultaneously refers to innocence and death and continues Cornblit's preoccupation with relics and remnants, in which the work, like life itself, serves as a trace that is about to disappear.

Legend, Hamutal Website's animated work, consists of intuitive and free charcoal drawings. The Scroll of a Website places the script in front of the viewer, who is left staring and alum in a failed decryption attempt.

The works in the exhibition ask for a critical reading and raise questions about who the author is in the story, what norms and values are expressed in the story itself and how the story is conveyed and whether the unreliable narrator does not know.

Curator: Daniel Charity Cohen
Translated using Google translate.

location - Artspace Tel Aviv

Time - 18/06/2020 to - 11/07/2020

Exhibition opening - 18/06/2020, שעה - 18:00
פתיחה ביום ה, ה18.6. 18:00-20:00.

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