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And One Spirit is to All / Ronit Gurewitz / P8 GAL​LERY

טלפון - 050-5543485
18/06/2020 to - 18/07/2020

Curator: True Ruth Hinsky
In her new exhibition and One Spirit for All, Ronit Gurevich presents works on the body of women through the lingerie images she has been painting and researching for years. In her complex and rich treatment of the least intimate attire that separates the body from the garment, Gurevich spreads a wide-ranging story through which issues of gender, status, external appearance, self-image and emotional state are reflected and expressed.
Her work at its center stands as a representation of the woman's body under the norms and conventions that created the "classic" woman's body - an object created by the male gaze, which enhances eroticism and sexuality. At the same time, she is having a dialogue with him and refuses to deny the sensuality and the seduction of the woman's body as defining her identity as a man and as a mature woman. As we look deeper into her work, there are hidden clues that the multi-layered preoccupation of a woman's body is also bound up with a traumatic event whose traces are embedded in her works beneath their stated subject.
The acute sense of emptiness that emerges from the sketches and chatter to the Vanitas theme in the oil paintings and installation expresses her sober awareness of the inevitable processes of aging, wear and tear. Gurevich's works seem to touch upon the exposed sadness of many women, who are known for loss and dissipation - the characteristics that defined their feminine identity.

The exhibition and artist's book Ashik launched at the exhibition focuses on my works over the past three years and will include oil paintings and a "collective identity" installation.
Translated using Google translate.

location - P8 GAL​LERY

Time - 18/06/2020 to - 18/07/2020

Exhibition opening - 18/06/2020
לא יתקיים אירוע פתיחה. התערוכה תיפתח ב18.6.2020 בין השעות 18.00-22.00 תחת ההגבלות הנדרשות. יתקיים שיח גלריה ב4.7.2020 בשעה 12:00.

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