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Rashomon onto the Wild / Pyramida

הצילומים באדיבות Pyramida

18/06/2020 to - 15/08/2020

In 1855 Mary Eliza Rogers, who was the sister of Thomas Rogers, came to this country
Who served as Deputy Consul in Haifa. Rogers has gained impressive knowledge of the flora and fauna of the country and claims, "Sometimes
Captures and kills cheetahs here (Haifa). "

The encounter with the flexible and uncultivated wild creatures, whose skin was made of horse saddles down the Carmel slopes,
Seeks to describe a kind of surprising r?sum? about a brutal conflict with the city.
The presence of situations where truth is blurred by conflicting testimony given by witnesses and points
A different look at the subject.
A recorder in which the cheetahs are used as a version or metaphorical concept for the new, takeover wild creatures
On the existing urban and / or social order, questions are raised and invited to a discourse that examines and explores boundaries.

Beautiful Landscape Arts VI strives to realize new situations, creative spaces and experience for artists,
To the curators and the general public. The spirit of the venture this year holds the wild creatures as an image for a conceptual model
And allows for discussion and exploration and creation of challenging, courageous and contemporary challenges.
Translated using Google translate.

location - Pyramida
ואדי סאליב 30 חיפה

Time - 18/06/2020 to - 15/08/2020

Exhibition opening - 18/06/2020, שעה - 20:00
פתיחת תערוכה ונשף מסכות ברכות: שרי דובא - מפיקה ואוצרת הרב דב חיון - סגן ראש העיר ומחזיק תיק תרבות ד"ר יוחאי רוזן - ראש החוג לתולדות האמנות Yano Music בחצר הגלריה מיריי שנאן ? מיצג קרוב רחוק

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