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BLACK FRIDAY / Givon Gallery

טלפון - 03-5225427

הצילומים באדיבות Givon Gallery

19/06/2020 to - 01/08/2020

Yaara Zach is best known for her body scale objects and sculpture-based installations, involving ready-mades and industrial materials that are related to the body, but at the same time they are new and unused. Sterile. Zach refers to her work as “Surviving Objects”, as it is often influenced by biological survival mechanisms.
Zach’s new solo show “BLACK FRIDAY” was supposed to open at Givon Art Gallery just when Corona virus crisis broke into our lives. The sculptures for the installation, created between 2016 and 2020, all relate to the disintegration of the body, and to issues of sterility and infection.

When the show was postponed due to the pandemic, a new form of BLACK FRIDAY was conceived: The affinity between the objects and current situation, and the restricted mobility, lockdown, and closed borders.

Supported by Artport Tel Aviv and MeetFactory (Prague)

location - Givon Gallery

Time - 19/06/2020 to - 01/08/2020

Exhibition opening - 19/06/2020, שעה - 11:00

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