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Fluidity Mechanics / Nachum Gutman's Museum of Art

טלפון - 03-5161970

הצילומים באדיבות Nachum Gutman's Museum of Art

04/06/2020 to - 31/12/2020

The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art is pleased to open its doors with a new group exhibition - "The Mechanics of Flow" , curated by Monica Lavie and featuring six artists.
The artists participating in the exhibition - Efrat Rubinstein, Rakefet Wiener Omer, Michal Orgil, Michal Becky, Inbar Horkani and Noli Omar - present a sassy, childlike, physical, sexual and dying painting, which looks at the childhood, youth and adulthood of themselves and their characters. They chirp at the rules of courtesy, mocking authority, order and harmony, and skipping lightly on the "don't do shame" command.
Efrat Rubinstein, an outstanding graduate of Bezalel who works for a living in strip clubs, challenges the notion of indulgence and mixes into her paintings dizzying content related to popular culture, gender and erotica, from a complex, parodic and self-conscious position .
Rakefet Wiener Omer demonstrates in her enigmatic paintings how a new female language has been internalized, and how it is conveyed to the fabric as it fuses body, text and image .
Michal Orgil presents a colorful world, with open, sometimes sloppy, tricky and fluid brushstrokes, touching the transition from childhood to adolescence, a period when the body is full of bursting energy.
In her paintings, Michal Becky feels a sense of instability through the use of aqueous materials and colors, and looks at the female body, the solid and its liquid.
Horkani and Noli Omar are autodidactic artists who came to the art of the world of sports and the world of theater. Harkrani Inbar studied acting and became the world champion in karate, and one day she started painting. Noli Omar is an actress and stand-up artist who has always dealt with art . Hurricane Amber's paintings focus on portraits of family and friends. They are painted on plywood or inscribed on paper, expressively devoid of paperism. Noli Omar's embroidery works tell of love, abandonment, sex, betrayal, and create a kind of theater full of fears and beauty, in which she steals characters in dramatic moments in the inter-gender relationship .

Each of the artists in the exhibition presents contemporary female work that does not take place in the confines of the genders, but operates in a space of physical liberation and self-humor and influenced by radical feminist thinkers of their time, whose writing has been embedded in many fields .
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location - Nachum Gutman's Museum of Art

Time - 04/06/2020 to - 31/12/2020

Exhibition opening - 04/06/2020, שעה - 17:00

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