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Leaves don't just fall /

קרדיט צלם - דן שומרוני

10/05/2020 to - 31/05/2020

Through Sisyphean, repetitive and meditative work of weaving and winding woolen threads around the ropes, a stalky, surreal-looking wild plant, whose ends are hung with knitted deformed fruit, is growing.
Samaritan eagerly collects wool balls, and they fill the studio and wait for a gym. When it comes - the stems were born and the exhibition in front of us, which dates back to traditional crafts and raw materials, and ends with a work in a studio praising the flu of nature's beauty. On her way, Samaritans tells a new story, creating a colorful installation that envelops the incoming inside it, like a tent embracing Bao. Her handprint is evident in every tug, wrap and knit, as a seismograph that reflects her emotions in real time.
Translated using Google translate.

location -
בר יוחאי 5, תל אביב

Time - 10/05/2020 to - 31/05/2020

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