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Hop on the Shuttle  /

דוד דובשני, ללא כותרת, 2020, ציור דיגיטלי. באדיבות האמן וגלריה רו-ארט.

נגה פרחי, צלם צל, 2020, צבע תעשייתי על קיר. באדיבות האמנית וגלריה רו-ארט.

08/05/2020 to - 08/07/2020

The Ro-Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Shuttle to the general public starting Friday, May 8, following the Health Ministry's instructions. There will be no opening event.
The Shuttle Project is an artist escort project at the outset. The project expresses the gallery's continued commitment to young artists, as well, in light of their established field of artists working with the Mehvada Gallery.
Shuttle's first class includes Ido Gordon, David Dubashny, Dana Tenhauser, Yoav Fish, Noga Farhi and Mia Perry.
The exhibition Shattel opens in a rolling exhibition where each artist was given a week to stay and work in the gallery while open to visitors. Work Week produce has accumulated for an exhibition that will open to the public on Friday, May 8.
At the heart of the exhibition is the meeting between the artists and their work and the gallery audience invited to meet them while they work, and even take part in the creative process. At the same time, the mechanism in which the exhibition operates is examined - a commercial gallery that invites artists to be represented under the conditions of the exhibition - a commitment by them to stay and work in the gallery for a full week. Once a week, the artists and the curator met to read the texts - one selected by each artist in relation to his work, and one selected by the curator who deals with the modes of creation and display. The shared observation of the works and their discourse were signed in passing the baton among the artists. These were suggested to leave open edges of work and written assignment on a note to the artist who followed them.
The artists
Ido Gordon
During his week in the gallery, Ido assembled a furniture set from Kappa that divides the space. Viewers were invited to visit the gallery and ask him why.
Born in Tel Aviv in 1988, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Gordon's works range from painting, sculpture and installation and he creates with the same attention and interest each of the elements in his exhibitions - from the paintings to the bench from which they look. His studio serves him home and vice versa, and conversations are integral to his creative process.
Gordon is a Bachelor of Arts in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
He has exhibited solo exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Midrash Gallery and the Artists' House in Jerusalem, as well as group exhibitions, including at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion and Archiv Box, Berlin. In addition, Gordon is working on the podcast Things in the World in collaboration with Arnon Ben Dror.
Noga Flowers
During her week in the gallery Noga Flowers documented shadows of momentary sculpture events and visitors, through a painting across the gallery space.
Noga Farhi was born in Jaffa in 1987, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Flowers is interested in sensory and sensory states, the body, his testimony, his emptiness and his abstraction. In her works, she is preoccupied with space - in the skins and in their raiding, their retirement and flattening. Through these actions and through the use of husks, scraps and completions, she seeks to immortalize the body through its absence.
Farhi is a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and the winner of the Cooper Award for Excellence (2017) and the Prize for Excellence in Painting (2018). She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at the Belcount Gallery in Tel Aviv, the Swan Gallery in Jerusalem, the Steinhardt Nature Museum in Tel Aviv, and the Alliance House in Jerusalem.

Uncle Cherry

David moved his studio and practice into the gallery space. During the week he created and printed digital drawings and comics.
Born in Tel Aviv in 1991, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Duffany works in the field of comics, drawing and print, and his work deals with historical and political narratives loaded with humor and satire.
Dobshani is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and the Paris Art Studies program in Ecole de Beauzar. His works have been exhibited in Israel and around the world, including solo exhibitions at Inclive Projects in London, the Paris Bazaar and the upcoming May at the Elmsen Gallery in Jaffa. He has participated in group exhibitions at the Ein Harod Art Museum, the Nahum Gutman Museum in Tel Aviv, the Hanina Gallery in Tel Aviv, the White Night in Paris and the Griffin Gallery in London. Dobshani publishes the weekly comic column Kitzin Calculations in the Haaretz newspaper together with Julia Fermento, and a regular writer for the chaos magazine. His Crusades book was published in 2019 and launched at an event in Paris-de-Tokyo in Paris.
Dana Tenhauser and Yoav Fish
Yoav and Dana went on a week-long trip with baby Noor from their studio in Jerusalem to the Tel Aviv gallery. The experience of sharing a haul connected them to the biblical spy image depicting a pair of spies carrying a huge cluster of grapes from Israel to the people's camp. During the week they worked on dismantling and stripping the image to a sculptural installation.
Yoav Fish was born in Tel Aviv in 1988 and Dana Tanhauser was born in Jerusalem in 1989. Tanhauser and Fish are a pair of artists living and working in Jerusalem.
Their joint work deals with questions of defining space in the private, marital and gender contexts, the perception of space and its intervention with the help of sculptural objects and in-depth research on material and material as a continuation of the physical and emotional body. Their enigmatic objects are characterized by constructiveness and narrowness and narrative, and they exist as independent entities in space, penetrating and disrupting it at the same time.
Fish and Tanhauser are graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Fish in the Art and Tanhauser Department of Ceramic and Glass Design. Tenhauser participated in a residency program at Pilchuk, Washington's glass school, and she receives the Andy Award from the Bronfman Family for outstanding achievements in the field of glass. Her work has been exhibited in group exhibitions among them at the Binyamini House in Tel Aviv, the Dox Gallery in Prague and the Art Center from her association in Hansen House, Jerusalem. Fish participated in the residency program "The Academy of the Contemporary" in her association at Beit Hansen in Jerusalem and his works have been exhibited in individual exhibitions and group exhibitions among them at the new Teddy Gallery in Jerusalem, the Koresh Gallery in Jerusalem and the Benjamin Gallery in Tel Aviv.
Since graduating, they have been sharing a studio in Talpiot artist workshops. In the past year, they have created and presented a collaborative body of work that examines and challenges the personal boundaries within the spousal artwork, and presents a joint couple exhibition at the Villa Gallery in Jerusalem.
Mia Perry
During the week, Maya stayed inside a new webpage that functions as an artist book that turns into an experimental virtual installation. On the first day of the takeover, a link to the site was published and every day, it was filled with elements, drawings and questionnaires that allowed communication with the closed artist in her home. Updating the site will only stop when the artist and the surrounding area come out of isolation.
Mia Perry was born in New York in 1994, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Mia Perry works in the fields of drawing, experimental animation and installation. Her work revolves around the psychology of trauma and post-trauma through highlighting how moments of intimacy and vulnerability intersect with memories of violence and manipulation.
Perry is a graduate of Art Studies in Menasher in Tel Aviv and a painting studies at the Avni Institute. She has exhibited solo and couple exhibitions at the Alfred Gallery and Maya Gallery in Tel Aviv, and her work has been exhibited in group exhibitions, including at the Steinhardt Nature Museum in Tel Aviv, the New York Art Center in Tribeca and the Fridge in Tel Aviv. Perry is the 2019 Zoom Award winner for a young Israeli artist. Translated using Google translate.

location -
המרץ 3, בניין 8, קומה 4 תל אביב

Time - 08/05/2020 to - 08/07/2020

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