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Omer Shizaf: Homage to the Spaceman / Maya Zehavi: Milestone / Atelier Shemi Cabri

קרדיט צלם - באדיבות האמנים

21/03/2020 to - 06/06/2020

The exhibition pays homage to Omar Shizaf's Space Man , which addresses environmental sculpture through a theatrical prism of space and light. The works in the exhibition "examine" the sculptures of Yechiel Shemi in alternative, post-apocalyptic realities.

A milestone - Maya Zahavi's exhibition, refers to the landscape that becomes a sculpture. With the help of photographs taken in Ein Harod and the Arava House (Kibbutz Shihiel my name was one of its founders and who, after abandoning it, his friends founded Kabri). Maya explores the boundaries of the photographic medium by expanding it into sculpture .

Omar Sheizaf: Artist and lighting designer. His work deals with the relationship between the performative and the environmental through light, a teacher at the Visual Theater School, Jerusalem.

Maya Zehavi : An artist engaged in photography and sculpture. Maya takes analog cameras and the development and printing processes are an integral part of her process and research. She teaches at the Art Seminary, Beit Berl.
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location - Atelier Shemi Cabri
שעות פתיחה: ב'- ה' ושבת 11:00-15:00 לפרטים נוספים: אטליה שמי 04-9952709; 052-8840215

Time - 21/03/2020 to - 06/06/2020

Exhibition opening - 21/03/2020, שעה - 12:00

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