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19/02/2020 to - 30/03/2020

In the Wall
A solo exhibition for artist Helen Helen Rosenberg at the Hall of Solomon Museum Gallery in Jerusalem
Exhibition curator: Hui Fingold-Deutsch

58 King George St., Jerusalem
The exhibition will take place between:
Hannah Helen Rosenberg is in love with Jerusalem!
She came to Jerusalem in 2006 to deepen her Jewish studies and faith. She lived in a tiny room next to the Mahane Yehuda market and the streets used to house her workshop. She was fascinated by the sheer variety of people she saw, the abundance of colors in the streets - of clothing and accessories, of buildings, and of the sky in the changing seasons - all filling her small notepad and later forming the basis for oil paintings, watercolor paintings and digital art. These works were exhibited at the Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art Gallery in 2018.
After several years in Jerusalem, Hannah Helen Rosenberg moved to Beersheba, but her love for Jerusalem did not subside. Again and again she returns to Jerusalem, to look and paint.

In her new exhibition, The Wall , Hannah Helen gives the viewer a taste of her visit to the Wall.
She visited there in the winter, in the rain and snow, she went there in the summer too. She was at the Wall for the Priestly Blessing in the three infantry, and was there at Bar Mitzvah celebrations.
Hannah Helen Rosenberg goes to the Wall a lot to look at people. As in the streets of the city, the variety of people visiting the Western Wall is also enormous - religious Jews, secular Jews, soldiers, Arabs and tourists fill the large expanse before the Western Wall. Each with their own personal reason for being there. Everyone in his special movement, in his special expression - that Hannah Helen's characters barely stand still. Neither is the wind, as seen in the various layouts of umbrellas and prayer shawls.
Hannah Helen uses a lot of bright colors, or a very limited bracket, depending on the weather. You can really feel the warmth and gravity in the 'Sun in the Wall' painting and the cold that emerges from the winter paintings. She places a lot of characters in the painting, or slightly, again, depending on the weather. The summer scene has a variety of characters. The winter scene has only locals! Her perspective is a woman's point of view - the men in the distance, the women up close. There is a fissure in the form of a peg between the Western Wall, a partition that separates the women from the men. They are there together, but separately. Only at the Western Wall Square do women and men somehow mix. Some of the characters are familiar to those who have seen her previous works, in exhibitions, in books or in the press.

Hannah Helen loves Israel holidays! And loves the book of books, the Bible.
The exhibition presents paintings on Purim events in Beersheba and Jerusalem, nature paintings celebrating Tu B'Shvat, Rosh Hashanah, and highlighting the great concern that Hannah Helen has from our ecology. Damage to nature, air pollution and waste. Fruit, trees are important. We are not interested in war - we want to grow things. "

Hannah Helen uses her work with old and new techniques. She paints in oil colors and watercolors.
She writes in pencil, ink and color and uses digital techniques (technology is evolving:
Just as the pencil comes into use after the coal clipping, the acrylic paint after the oil paint
- Digital art is the new technique. One technique did not come in the other. This is a new tool).

Despite her grief from pollution of our earth. Hana Helen Very active in raising awareness of the problem of using disposable tools in Israel, Hana Helen Rosenberg is a happy woman, a happy artist and a joy in her life.

Street: King George 58 Jerusalem 02-5889010
Opening hours for the exhibition: Sunday-Thursday: 08: 00-20: 00
Friday 8am to 12pm

The artist on Facebook:

Artist website: Tel: 050 573 1565

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location -
רח': קינג ג'ורג' 58 ירושלים 02-5889010 שעות ביקור בתערוכה : א'-ה: 08:00-20:00 יום שישי 08:00-12:00

Time - 19/02/2020 to - 30/03/2020

Exhibition opening - 19/02/2020

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