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Leor Grady - Natural Worker / Ha'Kibbutz gallery

טלפון - 03-5232533
22/12/2016 to - 04/02/2017

Natural Worker, Video, text, letters and stains - New works continuing Grady’s ongoing interest in the Zionist narrative from the point of view of the Kinneret Yemenites that lived there between 1918-1930.

Their story was overshadowed and obscured in the Zionist narrative despite their contribution, sacrifice and devotion.

Their sad story is evocative of the tribulations of Rachel the Poet, who lived in Kinneret at the same time and whose poetic spirit and weak body did not survive the Kinneret's hardships.

But mostly the Hebrew language makes a unique agency to reexamine this history. The various threaded texts in the show are excerpts from letters written by the Kinneret Yemenites to the Zionist leaders of the time.
Scribed In an early, poetic and rich Hebrew they shed light on the times from their point of view.

The two-channel video work reconstructs a traditional Yemeni dance as history written through the body.

Curator: Yael Keini

location - Ha'Kibbutz gallery

Time - 22/12/2016 to - 04/02/2017

Exhibition opening - 22/12/2016, שעה - 08:00
ביום חמישי, ה- 22.12.16 בשעה 20:00 תפתח תערוכת יחיד חדשה לאמן ליאור גריידי. הקהל הרחב מוזמן

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