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Orna Bromberg / Dvir gallery

טלפון - 03-6043003
23/03/2010 to - 24/04/2010

Orna Bromberg, born, 1955, lives and works in Tel Aviv. In her works a congealing of a childhood moment repeats itself constantly, and is expressed in the use of a small group of images in many different methods and contexts; the girl with the matchstick legs, Fish, Flowers and Prey Birds. Her choice of a seemingly naïve and 'childish' style of painting holds a struggle with terrifying nightmarish themes. Selected exhibitions: ''The Man with the Pumpkin Head'', Ein Harod Museum, 2009 Dvir Gallery, 2008 Young Israeli Art- the Ohana Collection, The Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, 2003 The Second Israeli Biennale for Ceramics, The Eretz Israel Museum, 2002 The exhibition closes: 24.4.10 Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday 10-13, 17-19, Friday-Saturday 10-13

Time - 23/03/2010 to - 24/04/2010

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