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Control Room / Bezalel7 - Image room

15/05/2014 to - 14/06/2014

Reduction and control are the center of the new art show, “Control Room”. The show transcends the physical limitations of the gallery’s space, turning them into its statement. Corresponding with minimalist principles and Japanese aesthetics, the show collects art pieces chosen, initially, for their size. Like Haiku poetry or a pinned butterfly under the glass, these pieces declare themselves within a confined space: miniscule power, folded into itself.


The body of work spans three opposed pairs: savage space versus domesticated space; hidden versus the revealed; predator versus prey. Any art work. certainly with an art show, is a manifest of domesticated space; yet these works exhibit, alone or as part of a set, and reflect additional manifestations of these oppositions.

The show space, the consolidation of the works and their interconnections create a clean, almost sterile, adaptation of the Wunderkammer, an act that from its inception presents domestication and control; the name of the art show, “Control Room”, was chosen before the works were selected to represent this. The arrangement of space and art works reflect the second meaning of the name “Control Room”, as the pieces can be viewed in singles or in groups, as an object or a narrative, as if they were buttons and screens inside some vehicle or machine room.

location - Bezalel7 - Image room
גלריה 'בצלאל7 - חדר דימויים' מתחם 'מעצבים בעיר', בצלאל 7, ירושלים א-ה 07:00-00:30 ו 07:00-15:00 שבת 21:30-00:30

Time - 15/05/2014 to - 14/06/2014

Exhibition opening - 15/05/2014

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