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Roaming / Materials / Zaritsky Artists House

טלפון - 03-5246685

location - Zaritsky Artists House

I collect materials with a varied quality of texture and volume such as scraps of metal, pieces of wood, sheaths of paper from billboards. The foundation for my works is formed by the association of these materials into an assemblage. I add upon this structure another layer by painting on it. The language that is employed moves between processes in the language of art and the revelation of images / points of reference suggesting: Locations / Constructions / Landscapes The dialogue exposed by the interface between the three dimensional component and the realm of painting involves an ambivalent space with an inherent aesthetic presence in its own right.

Time - 22/05/2014 to - 14/06/2014

Exhibition opening - 22/05/2014
פתיחה בשעה 19:30 בבית האמנים/ רח' אלחריזי 9 תל-אביב.

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