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Focus / Dana Nau / Givaataim City Gallery

31/01/2014 to - 28/02/2014

“It is not always the case that the fruits of artists are sweet to the establishment ear, but this is art at its best: kicking, reflecting, lamenting and thought provoking. The artist’s role in society, beyond expressing his or her own beliefs, is a missionary role for the benefit of society.“ This quotation, from an article by Noam Yakobizky “On Art and Social Influence”, raises and emphasizes the important role of the artist’s existence in the public domain.

What is the effect of a work of art exhibited in a gallery on the mind and mood of the viewer? is there a chance it will change opinion? draw attention? ignite something in the viewer to make him react and maybe change and adopt a new and different point of view?


Artists and artisans have always served as a mirror to the absurdity in the world and with their creative talents composed a visual picture of the damage caused by intolerance and any other form of disrespect. Critical and social satirical works have always tried to draw the public’s attention to the absurdity which lies in social numbness and shutting of hearts and minds. Unfortunately, too little has been achieved in this way, even though they had an important role in documenting it.

In the new exhibition “Focus” by Dana Nau, the viewer is invited to a joint exploration with the artist of her hidden world full of anger at the social and political situation and the absurdity engulfing the world we live in. 

Every artwork and installation in the exhibition, tackles an issue in the world around us. The artist composes hidden messages which oblige the viewer to immerse himself in them and decode their meaning; he is then invited to an, at once, playful and challenging experience guiding him to the artistic resolution which, in turn, embodies the extent of the absurdity which lies in social decadence and imperviousness of heart and mind.
Double-meaning, discovery games, uncovering and blurring, using remodeling everyday events and objects, quotes from different media channels – all serve as means to relay her messages.


The viewer is challenged to examine his position in the herd which is being led through the maze of globalization, the image of the leaders is being treated in a sarcastic analogy, idioms and key sentences with double meanings all of a sudden find an expression in a new and thought provoking way.

Dana touches on religion and secularism, exposes the deceptive concern of leaders for their people, warns of the dangers of getting away from peace and tolerance, mocks the herd mentality, exams society and just as importantly, scrutinizes the conditions for best parenthood which is responsible for the future generations.

It is worth mentioning that the space between the conceptual insight deriving from the use of language and the colourful images which Dana Nau creates, in various languages, produces the dramatic experiences for the viewers. The exhibition serves the viewer a continuous recreational adventure in an illusory amusement park, a trip to the playground and allegorical experiences which emphasize the senseless destruction and absurdity in our world.

location - Givaataim City Gallery
רחוב השומר 7 גבעתיים טל. 03-6721734 7Hashomer St. Givaataim Tl.03-6721734

Time - 31/01/2014 to - 28/02/2014

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