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yael avni eshchar / ephrat gallery

Zoe was born and with her an exhibition. When Zoe was born ? I was amazed by the miracle that came out of me. So I sat and watched her. Charmed by every movement, or sound,that came out from this wonderful We called her Zoe =meaning life in ancient Greek. Zoe has changed my life. When Zoe started to crawl . I began to draw her. As more zoe grows a series of paintings evolved. The muse and her painting took on a life of their own
location - ephrat gallery
רחוב גורדון 21 תל אביב

Time - 16/01/2014 to - 29/01/2014

Exhibition opening - 16/01/2014
כיבוד ויין טוב, מוסיקה כייפית - חוויה יוצאת דופן - שווה! הפתיחה בשעה 19:30 יום חמישי 16.1.14 ערב טו בשבט

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