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Self-portrait / The Jerusalem Artists House

טלפון - 02-6253653
31/08/2013 to - 12/10/2013

Self-portrait has been a central theme in Naomi Gafni's work throughout her long career as an artist. Before Gafni starts a new portrait she cleans her studio meticulously in order to ''purge'' of the 'older' way of looking at herself and initiate a new one. In the process of painting Gafni uses her fingers instead of brushes, treating every finger-stroke or mark, whether planned or accidental, with equal respect. The different portraits express different aspects of the artist's personality. By exposing them she allows the spectator to enter into her 'inner-map'. For Gafni, the act of self-painting is a process of inner, mystical and psychological confrontation and cleansing.  Gallery talk- Thu. 3.10.13 at 17:00

Time - 31/08/2013 to - 12/10/2013

Exhibition opening - 31/08/2013
פתיחה: שבת, 13.8.13 בשעה 12:00

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