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Street Wolves / The Jerusalem Artists House

31/08/2013 to - 12/10/2013

Lena Zaidel's exhibition ''Street Wolves'' has a glaring presence of sharp contrasts. Her paintings seem to express an aspiration for spiritual serenity on the one hand, and an appeal for the earthy, the physical and the animalistic on the other. Zaidel's wolves symbolize the tension and the movement between those two poles: They roam around Jerusalem’s streets, wandering between holy sites and secular locations, within the civilized city that is filled with human creations. The presence of wildlife in the urban sphere arouses the city form its slumber of routine and the inertia of stagnation. The wolves are the ''shakers'', violators of the old order - writes the curator of the exhibition, Albert Suisa - who at the same time are conductors of ancient holiness, the continuous holiness that the wild and undomesticated beast is its unequivocal symbol. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

location - The Jerusalem Artists House

Time - 31/08/2013 to - 12/10/2013

Exhibition opening - 31/08/2013
פתיחה ביום שבת, 31.8.13 בשעה 12:00

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