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I had known nothing about him.Not even his name .I first was impacted by learning of how he died:he starved to death during the siege of Leningrad:he has given his ration of bread to his wife .When I saw his paintings that was a real trigger to this exhibition .Let us toast to Pavel Filonov:l'haim,to life Pavel
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דרך חברון 11 ירושלים א עד ה: 9:00 עד 23:00 יום ו: 9:00 עד 16:00

Time - 01/08/2013 to - 30/08/2013

Exhibition opening - 02/08/2013
יום שישי כו באב 02-08-2013 משעה 12-00 עד 14-00 אורח כבוד: מיכי יוספי הציבור מוזמן

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