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Bat sheva was born in a camp in Austria. In 1948 she immigrated with her parents to Israel and grew up in Moshav Nordia . Now she lives in Beit Arie locality. In many of her works can be found Collages containing fabric, pieces of burlap bags of old photographs and woodcut that form a grid layer, while the lower layers of color reveal themselves and come up with itching upper layers. In The "talit 1 and 2" artworks ? Is Revealed the artist's personal biography that connect her to the Jewish and Zionist history: as was Born in the DP camp, second generation Holocaust survivor. A selection of her paintings can be found regularly in galleries across the country. The artist has participated in several exhibitions in Israel and abroad, including: Begin Heritage Museum in Jerusalem. Arts complex in Kibbutz Glil-yam.. Art of Israel in Tel - Aviv - Etzel Museum War of Independence. Gallery 5 levels of traffic. "on The lake" Gallery in Raanana "Amiad Gailery" jaffa. W Tower Gallery Tel Aviv The artist Bat Sheva braiding her mind intuitively designs and combines them into a painting or picture elements, constructed a fantasy while collecting stones and shells. She sweeps us into the boats and the sea, and releasing the story while docking haven. Lori Pszenica, Curator
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ניסים אלוני 6, תל אביב

Time - 02/05/2013 to - 31/05/2013
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