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26/08/2012 to - 19/10/2012

The present exhibition of Rachel Alkalay composes a different dialogue between the artist and the large oils of Seascapes.

The landscapes are painted in rich textures obtained by using a knife as well as a large brush

.Oil colors are mixed with grains of sand in the shore strips. The present paintings are trying to keep within them the power and immensity of the sea and reach its Infinity.

In most of the paintings the sea surface looks clear sometimes in pale blue and they are always illuminated in a mystic light that creates a magic atmosphere. The composition is mostly abstract yet sometimes a lonely boat appears on the surface windowless buildings on the beach or birds piercing the blue sky. These few elements emphasize the magnificence and mystery of the sea.

Yet a new element strikes the spectator in the present exhibition.

An unusual white mysterious Sun appears in most of the Seascapes reflecting the inner self of the artist who seems conceed about Time passing by. Day after day Sunrises followed by Sunsets from dusk to dawn. The white Sun is a metaphor of the artist\'s intimate mental condition and that\'s why her Seascapes reach an independent personal style with abundant texture as well as a poetic atmosphere that capture strongly the spectator.

Nurit Tal-Tenne

location -
הירקון 105 תל אביב

Time - 26/08/2012 to - 19/10/2012

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