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Cill Rialig or How far can a line stretch? /

Cill Rialig or How far can a line stretch? DAPHNE LEIGHTON Paintings Opening: Friday 18.5.2012 at 11.30 Jerusalem House of Quality, 12 Derech Hebron Curator: Orna Millo Live Music: the well-known composer, Stephen Horenstein, will premiere his works composed for this occasion which relate to several of the paintings. Saxophone: Stephen Horenstein, Trumpet: Tal Abraham. The starting point for most of the paintings in this exhibition is the time Daphne Leighton spent last summer in South West Ireland. Daphne was awarded a month's residency at the Cill Rialig Art Centre. Cill Rialig is a pre-famine village, a place abandoned in desperation but recently restored to serve artists. Starvation and creation. Sheep, sea, green but above all rocks - lichen covered rocks, a whole world drawn in miniature on their surfaces, crags and cracks cut into their depths. Since her stay in Cill Rialig, Daphne has explored this line-defined world through paint and print. Many of the paintings are unusually small as if the lines want to burst out of their inhibiting spaces. Or perhaps it is she who so desires. The rocks and sea have had a profound impact on her. The rocks in her paintings turn into hints of abstract figures while the lichen become strange face-like blooms. These oil paintings hover between figuration and abstraction where the expressive, rich paint work contributes to creating landscapes which are both real and imagined. In another group of works the rocks become abstract, floating bodies while the cracks in the rocks suggest both roots and ropes. The dangers of floating are mitigated by ropes which restrain. Sometimes a word or two appears in the paintings. The words do not tell a story but suggest a particular atmosphere. So, for example, the word "not" suggests refusal or defiance while in another painting a meditative mood is created through the word "thought". The use of words may indicate Leighton's inner conflicts when she paints. Words also create a link to the world of poetry so it is interesting to note that Daphne Leighton started out as a poet. About the artist Daphne Leighton was born in England and immigrated to Israel in 1980. She has an MA in English Literature from the Hebrew University where she also taught. In the past she wrote and published poetry and also exhibited photography. Relatively late in life, after her daughter was seriously injured in the army, she started to paint while adapting to life with disability. She studied painting with Orna Millo in Jerusalem where she lives and works. She furthered her studies at the St Ives School of Painting, Cornwall, England, the Dedalo Art Centre, Tuscany, Italy (where she also studied printing) and at the Slade School of Art, London.
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רח' דרך חברון 12 , ירושלים

Time - 18/05/2012 to - 31/05/2012

Exhibition opening - 18/05/2012
בתכנית האמנותית: המלחין הידוע סטיבן הורנשטיין ינגן, בהופעת בכורה, את יצירותיו שחוברו במיוחד לאירוע זה והמתייחסים לכמה מן הציורים. ביצוע: סטיבן הורנשטיין בסקסופון וטל אברהם בחצוצרה

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