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"Human reflections /

"Human reflections" - The artist Yolanda Antal and photographer Yoel Harel, exhibit their art works in the "Musial Windows" at the Ramat Aviv Kenyon, 40 Einstein street. In her bronze sculptures, Yolanda Antal, represents the female character, without historical barriers. The women appears, as represented in the Bible, literature, history and nation's mythology. What is the ever lasting secret of the female charm and power? The Photographer Yoel Harel presents his art , using the magics of technology, instead of the brush, the canvas and chisel. From the depth of the Holocaust, to resurrection and optimism. The near and far surroundings declare ? "here is the bud that will blossom into art". The camera catches and the artist is the messenger who exhibits. The exhibition will last till the 31/3/2012.
location -
אינשטיין 40 ת''א

Time - 01/03/2012 to - 30/03/2012

Exhibition opening - 01/03/2012

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