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Movement = Life /

Yaffa Sendrowitz takes us on a journey between array spots,movements and geometric forms,between the concrete reality to Imaginary spaces . her starting point to create is a certain feelings and everyday associations Leading her to the concept of the picturesque. Sponge print spots, shapes and color contrasts. All these create a driving force on the canvas and a reality show elements and abstract situations taken from her fertile imagination
location -
רחוב פלימן 8 חיפה - מרכז קסטרא .קומה 2

Time - 15/03/2012 to - 05/04/2012

Exhibition opening - 15/03/2012
פתיחה חגיגית בשעה 17:45 - 20:00 . יהיה שמח . אשמח להיפגש (:

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