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Image|Text - Eden Lazaness /

Eden Lazaness's solo exihibition deals with the gray areas between current affairs and the society we live in nowadays. The exhibition brings out a dialogue between text that creates an image and an image that creat text. As opposed to the world of current events and modern society, Lazaness perpetuates the temporary moment that usually dissolves from our consciousness as quickly as it came. A combination of charcoal and ink (by impressing) drawing.
location -
רח' אוסישקין 50, ירושלים 02-6251479 Al Dante 50 Ussishkin st., Jerusalem

Time - 15/12/2011 to - 15/02/2012

Exhibition opening - 23/12/2011
אירוע הפתיחה ב- 23.12.11 בין השעות 12:00 ל- 14:00. לפרטים 02-6251479

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