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Surprises  of color, texture and bold color are the reason for people being attracted to my work.

The spirit that beats  in me in every given moment  goes through spontaneous  gestures  that conquer the whole body , starting from the heart up to a stormy dance  guiding me how to transfer an emotional  message that has no words to be described.

That’s why I use bold colours and fast paint drawings.

It’s an expression of essence, color and composition that is seen on surface  as a story that I have just told from the bottom of my heart.

Artist biography

Inbar Reich is a soul artist. Surprises of color, texture and bold color are the reason why people are attracted to Reich's works. The pulsing spirit of an artist at any given moment passes through spontaneous gestures that occupy the whole body, from the heart to a violent dance, instructing Reich how to convey an emotional message that words can not describe. So she uses bright colors and quick brush strokes. Reich is an Israeli creative artist who presents and sells her work in Israel and around the world. Reich is also a spiritual coach, creating intuitive art and guiding unique groups. Her painting style is unique and she calls it "built abstract".

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