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Untitled / Igal Ram

Untitled, 2018 / Igal Ram

Original Work

Ramatgan - street scene next to a Kiosk in down-town Ramat Gan. 130X100cm, 2018, oil on canvas

130 * 100 cm


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About Igal Ram

Igal Ram, born 1974, is an Israeli figurative painter living, working and teaching in Tel Aviv. Has two bachelor's degrees and an interdisciplinary masters degree, Ram studied painting in Hatachana studio with Aram Gershuni, in the Visual Arts Center and with the New Barbizon group. He paints from observation and works mainly with oil, ink, charcoal and pastel paints. 
"A good painting exceeds reality. It is brighter and more vivid than reality can ever be. It is a window to an ideal world - not in a philosophical or political sense, not as a scholastic construct or emotional exaggeration. But rather to an ideal world that distills life itself. A model painted is only a human being, but the painting is the quintessence of presence, of physicality, of emotion and of culture at the time of painting. The ability to communicate those qualities without exceeding abstraction on one hand, and over-contemplation on the other - is the real challenge of painting".

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