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Anat Maoz

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Anat Maoz, b.1966, lives and works in Tel Aviv and Ein Vered. She is a contemporary artist that mainly focuses on painting, as well as sound and video art. She graduated the Postgraduate Program and B.E.D studies at Hamidrasha School of Art (2014, 2006). She also obtains a M.S.c in Environmental Engineering from the Hebrew University, and a B.A in Botany and Garden Planning from the Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot (1991). Maoz began her studies at Hamidrasha School of Art because she wanted to expand her basic knowledge in art, in order to continue her PHD in Urban Planning at the Technion. However, she soon came to realize that art is not just a ‘stop on her way’, but it is rather the goal itself. She paints mainly with oil, shellac and ink on various surfaces, such as: paper, cardboard, plywood, iron shelves, drawers and canvases.
Artist Statement
To paint is to signify a possibility – a distant moment that delineates life itself.
To paint things as they are, things that surround me and suddenly transform into a painting.
To give the image its own power by taking it out of context.
To disrupt reality and create new meaning.
The image is processed through memory; it undergoes personal abstraction and follows me back to my own space.
At times, the reality is so familiar that we seize to notice it. I am preoccupied with domestic and daily motifs. I engage with ordinary objects: a bed, a pillow, a house, a stove, a piano, a bus and so on. By turning them into something different, it appears as though these objects transcend their initial purpose. I erode the familiar and turn it into something alien by transforming the tangible into the abstract and vice versa. In order to reach deep inside, one must step outside their comfort zone and then delve back inwards with a new truth; to unravel the unique quality of things. 
The domestic environment serves as a trigger, highlighting the essence of things I engage with; allowing me to expose the cracks in the naïve picture of the world by portraying trivial things.  I aim to push the domestic sphere and enhance it with a critical approach; to engage with daily images in a fascinating way.
To search for the moment between blur and clarity,
between confusion and understanding.
The moment when you feel something before you know exactly what it is –
that is a defining moment. 

Artist biography

2012-2014 Postgraduate Studies in Visual Art, Hamidrasha School of Art - Beit Berl College, Beit-Berl.
1998-2006 Hamidrasha School of Arts – Beit Berl College, Beit Berl.
1991-1994 M.Sc., Environmental Engineer, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1989-1991 B.A, Botany and Garden Planning, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot.
March 2016 “Works on Paper”, group exhibition, The Brick Lane Gallery, Shordich, London.
May 2015 “Cremeschnitte” , a joint exhibition of Eran Inbar and Anat Maoz, Meshuna Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yonatan H. Mishal.
Sep 2014 ‘’Living – Machine”, postgraduate group exhibition, Hayarkon 19 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Avi Lubin.
Aug 2014 “Format”, group exhibition, Art Space TLV, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yonatan H. Mishal.
May 2014 “Forever Painting”, group exhibition, Hayarkon 96, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sari Golan.
Dec 2013  “Live Gallery”, group exhibition, City Gallery of Kfar Saba, Kfar Saba.
Nov 2013  Art Sale, group exhibition, Gallery 121, Tel Aviv.
Nov 2013 “He Who Criticizes or Thrusts the Game Away, Has Already Entered into the Game”, group exhibition, Hahalalit Gallery at Hayarkon 70, Tel Aviv. Curator: Assaf Ben Zeev.
Sep 2013 “Site Specific #3”, group exhibition, private exhibition space, Tel Aviv. Curator: Maya Attoun.
May 2013 “Site Specific #2”, group exhibition, private exhibition space, Tel Aviv. Curator: Maya Attoun.
Sep 2012 "121 Reasons to Love Art", group exhibition, Gallery 121, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sari Golan.
Dec 2011 "Work of Sight", group exhibition, Yigal Alon Museum, Ginnosar. Curator: Orna Oren Izraeli.
Sep 2011 "Paper Work", group exhibition, Gallery 121, Tel Aviv. Curator: Orna Oren Izraeli.
May 2011 Art-Sale, group exhibition, Art Hanger Gallery, Kfar Vitkin.
Sep 2008 "Olympics 2008", group exhibition, Gebo Gallery, Tel Aviv.
Aug 2007 "Superman", group exhibition, private exhibition space, Tel Aviv. Curator: Miray Shinan.
Jun 2007 "Desert Generation: 40 Years of Occupation”, group exhibition, Ha’kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, The Jeruslaem Artists House, Jerusalem. Curator: Larry Abramson.
May 2007 “Eifo BeHeifo”, group exhibition, Haifa Art Festival. Curator: Maayan Sheleff.
Dec 2006 "Cover Story", solo-exhibition, George, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shira Gurwin.
Jun 2006 Graduation Exhibition, HaMidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl. Curators: Angela Klein & Shibatz Cohen.
Feb 2014 Harama - Online Magazine. Issue 5 - “Homework”.
May 2012 Timeout Tel Aviv. Issue 498.
Sep 2011 Israel Today. 8.9.2011.
2011 Hahotem - Online Magazine. Issue 8 - "Game".
2010 A5 Magazine. Issue 10 – “Sin”.
2008  Hahotem - Online Magazine. Issue - "Salon".
2007  Magazine Shamenet Haaretz. Section - Portfolio.

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