Shlomi Nahmani draws his inspiration from his childhood in Jerusalem. The ancient architecture combined with the local greenery have left deep impressions on him, bringing him to engrave these memories into art. Shlomi creates intimate works with skill and precision, expressing his nostalgic love for his hometown. 
Shlomi is a graduate of The Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel. His works have been exhibited at the Miniature Engravings Biennale in Germany and Spain, and at multiple exhibitions in Israel. Shlomi is also a lecturer in design at the Department of Industrial Design in Shenkar.


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Noise Wall / Shlomi Nahmani
20 * 20cm
Bridge 3 / Shlomi Nahmani
20 * 20cm
Jerusalem Cypress / Shlomi Nahmani
30 * 30cm
Bridge 5 / Shlomi Nahmani
20 * 20cm
Palm at the side of the road / Shlomi Nahmani
15 * 15cm
Project / Shlomi Nahmani
8 * 10cm
Synagogue / Shlomi Nahmani
20 * 15cm
Pine / Shlomi Nahmani
15 * 9cm
Three Cypresses / Shlomi Nahmani
20 * 16cm
עבודות נוספות - צרו קשר לרכישה או ביקור בסטודיו האמן

About Shlomi Nahmani

Shlomi Nahmani (1979) is an artist and graphic designer, lives and works in Tel Aviv
He graduated from the Visual Communication department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2005) and is a lecturer at the Industrial Design Department at Shenkar College
His works were exhibited at the Biennial of mini-prints in Germany and Spain
In 2009 he founded a design and branding studio specializing in the art and culture world

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