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16/10/2021 to - 06/11/2021

Self-portrait artist wall - reflection
Etty Wieder-Wurzer
An artist wall exhibition by the artist Etty Wieder-Werzer consists of two work series that have common features.
Wieder - Werzer uses as a substrate for the one series double-sided round mirrors used by the woman for cosmetic and grooming purposes. One side reflects a mirror in km. Of 1: 1 and the other side increases the reflection. In the second series, she uses square, gray, shallow metal boxes, which she opens wide.
From the conversation with the artist, her interest emerges in two main aspects of her works. One is the sensory aspect: the variety of materials and textures she uses and stimulates her for work and visual / aesthetic / expressive experiences. The second is the aspect of the content: the artist's question in relation to her own image, her perception of herself as consisting of figures belonging to her world, her life circle or those she met along the way. It is not possible to point to one specific image that represents it, it is variable and dynamic.
The artist sees a direct connection between the materials she uses and the content she seeks to convey. It does not separate the senses of materials and textures from the meaning of work. Each material has its own meaning and statement. This connection leads her to complex material experiments that create a wealth of images and offer different possibilities of reading. When dealing with the subject of self-portrait she is not self-centered net, in her view. The human nature of man is made up of pieces of others. This is the main meaning of the look as its basic substrate material. Everyone and everything she has experienced in her world is reflected in the mirror that brings to our eyes something of the people in her life, something in her. The worldview according to which we are intertwined human particles is part of philosophies that exist in different cultures, especially Oriental. Etty Wieder-Werzer seeks to realize this in her art.
In the two series presented in the exhibition there is an element of duality. In the series of mirrors, both in reflection and in the fact that these are two-sided mirrors, with two faces. In the series of open boxes in which she works on the two symmetrical inner walls of the box albeit in asymmetrical images and compositions. The duplication in these works expresses the inherent duality at the base of her work: me and the world, me and the other / others. Her self alone is gone, it is always made up of the characters between whom she lives and works, the characters she is connected to. In both series, in addition to her self-portrait, there is a representation of other characters, specific people she has known over the years.
Her work tactics are varied and complement the range of materials: subtraction painting, cover. Collage of different materials, embroidery and more. Wieder-Wertzer worked in jewelry and was exposed to various materials. These intuitively provide her with an entry into the depths of the emotional feelings and mental states of the characters in the works, and express the artist's sense. "A kind of negotiation is created between the creative artist and the complex soul, a kind of give and take" (Etty Wieder-Werzer) The materials allow her to play within the range of the soul, until the end result. Different materials express different properties, metal pins, threads, embroidery and more create a feeling of moving away or approaching, fears, desires, everything that the mind experiences and imagines.
There is a sense of intimacy in the works, there is a secret in them that is not fully deciphered. In the open boxes that allow us to look at the content and be exposed to the viewer and the mirrors in which we look at the work and at the same time are reflected in them as part of it.
Curator: Jennifer Bloch
Translated using Google translate.

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בית האמנים, רחוב גבעתי 17, ראשון לציון

Time - 16/10/2021 to - 06/11/2021

Exhibition opening - 16/10/2021
פתיחה: 16.10.21 בשעה 20:00

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